Joe and I’ve become concerned with the environment and our impact. We viewed a documentary called Garbage Warrior and decided we wanted to build an Earth Boat, although we knew this would take a lot of time and planning. Joe works on an all-natural self-sustainable farm called Heart 2 Heart Farms out in Sherwood. It wasnt long before I was encouraged to see, and since I visited I fell in love. We adore being around like minded individuals concerned by what they eat, and how you can live a more eco friendly lifestyle. So we decided to move nearer to the farm in order to help out on a daily basis. I and Joe began to research live in tents in the mean time until we could construct our first house. We noticed no one really seems to live in Wall Tents and we determined this could be a potential alternative for us for the time being. We decided to dwell at least one year in a custom built wall tent in which we plan on using the greywater system, a composting toilet, assemble our own green house and raise our own livestock.

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Hopefully I will put up a sketch soon about what we think the tent would seem like. Tents has consented to take on the challenging job of creating our 18 by 30 live in tent, complete with four windows, a deck for the front and back, enough space for us to have a kitchen, dining room, living area, bedroom, and toilet. Recently we began contacting what we believe are Ecofriendly companies to see if theyd be interested in contributing products for us to review alongside the tent and since then a snow ball affect has taken place. I cant believe how many amazing people there are who will willingly work with us to create this job. Although we’ve to have sanctions that are official it appears like several leading companies are interested. Joe and I believe the tent should be built and up and running in four weeks. Ill keep everyone posted about our experiences into a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Love, Nicole Cruz and Joseph Newsome