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German can be a Latin- and it employs the same design as English in Microsoft Word. Accent markings are required by some words that are French such as grave, the severe and cedilla, and also you have to press combinations that are essential that are selected to put these marks within your wording. The techniques for highlight markings are the identical in Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. Instructions Form the extreme accent, a straight cut tilted up and to the correct that seems above the page, by keeping down the “CRTL” key when you form the key that is apostrophe. Release then, and these keys form the page which you would like to place the accent. Sort the accent, a diagonal cut at that sides above and to the left of the page, using the “CRTL” and keys that are severe the left close to the the top of keyboard of the “1” key, the severe key would be of all keyboards. Hold-down the “CTRL” key and press the grave highlight key. Launch these tips, then kind the notice you want to spot on a feature.

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Sort the accent, which appears above the “6” key, by keeping down the “CTRL” and “SWITCH” tips as you click the “6” key. Let strike the notice that you would like to take the accent and go of these recommendations: Form the cedilla, the page “D” using a squiggle beneath it, by keeping along the “CTRL” key while the comma key is struck by you. Launch those secrets and type-a “d.” Click “SHIFT” and “D” for a cedilla. Type the dieresis, two spots that appear above a page, by keeping along the “CTRL” and “CHANGE” tips while pushing on the key. Let go of type and those tips the notification you need to have the dieresis over.